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" Patti Woodworth-Norris is a compassionate and generous professional who thoroughly assesses and addresses her client's needs. She does this with patience, clarity, and reassuring ease. 

Particularly impressive is how Patti combines her technical skill as an EFT practitioner with her in-the-moment intuitive abilities. Highly recommend!"

                                              - Graig Moriarty, Registered Psychotherapist, Ontario.

"Patti brought her knowledge and experience of how the body expresses emotional pain in the body, to our session. She has a real understanding of how past thought patterns result in physical pain and symptoms. 

Through an extensive intake, she was able to get to the core belief of my symptom. She really takes the time to thoroughly understand her client. I felt very safe as Patti assisted me to release lots of negative emotions. She expertly guided me to release old thought patterns and beliefs, and to establish life-affirming ones in their place. Before our session I felt worried, upset and stuck with no way out. After our session, I felt peaceful, at ease, and lighter!"

                                            - Tania H., Australia.

"Patti is a wonderful, empathetic and skilled practitioner with a great set of tools to guide you, and sense of humour to keep you grounded! As soon as she began speaking, I knew I was in good hands and she put me at ease. The process of the session was surprising, moving, had me in laughter and in tears at various times, and by the end of it I felt safely guided to a place of peaceful resolution. I'm so grateful to have found Patti and will be taking the healing from our work with me for a long time to come."

                                           - Anna H., Psychotherapist., Queens, NYC.

"Thank you, Patti for the gift of a powerful session. Thank you immensely for spending the time to really know how you could help me create a powerful transformation. It worked! You helped me experience that I can choose what environments I want to be around. If I am not wanted in a space, no big deal, I can go somewhere else. I can go where I am valued. I am not trapped. 

As a result of this realization, I was authentic with my partner about what I want, through minimal words, and a lot of actions. This prompted the most honest dialogue we've ever had. We were able to say everything, in a safe space.

Thank you for your incredible gift!"

                                           - Thao Tu., California.

"My sessions with Patti were absolutely amazing. I brought some of my most painful issues to the table for help, and Patti held such compassionate space as we dove into roots of the issues. Her intake was the best I have experienced, and really connected the dots for me to understand my issues better. As we worked to change the negative memories and belief systems, I never once got lost in my funk. In fact, a lot of it was really fun and we laughed a bunch! The results I have experienced in my life have been astounding. I never thought so much could change from just two sessions. I'll definitely be back for more. I even sent my mother to work with Patti!"

                                        - Karen C., Oregon.

" I sought Patti's help for persistent hurtful feelings surrounding a past relationship. Her questions did not feel intrusive or judgemental as did some other forms of therapy over forty years. It was work, but very gentle work, and with the tapping, I experienced a total shift in the way I felt about the old memories. If I could, I would give this gift to anyone holding onto thoughts that no longer serve them. Peace. "

                                        - Cate S., Nova Scotia. 

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