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Welcome to 2023, and Exciting News!

Exciting News!

After a full year of work, with the help of two of my professional brain training colleagues, we’ve created a group brain training and health coaching program for women suffering from anxiety, depression, trauma, chronic pain, and chronic illness! It includes a number of unique elements unavailable elsewhere that we believe will really accelerate your results.. The program contains a lot of incredible educational content to help you understand how the mind-body system works together to create health or disease. There are also a tonne of recorded brain training processes for you to engage in on a daily basis to help your brain re-learn that you are safe enough to relax, so that your health can thrive and you can create a life you love! Live Q&A calls, live guided group processes, and action alignment calls augment the incredible recorded content. You can use the processes to reset your nervous system back to a calm healing state whenever you’ve popped into “fight/flight" or "freeze” AND to actually rewire the underlying REASONS your brain decided you weren’t safe in that situation.

Over time, with a daily brain training practice like this, you can go from stressed, anxious, and depressed, to vibrantly loving life, from tired to energized, from severely symptomatic to bodily comfort. The brain learns everything through repetition, and while the private sessions can do a lot of the heavy lifting, daily practice is also critical for sustained wellbeing on all levels - mental, emotional, and physical. In case you're wondering, YES! Our brain training processes are different than most. Not only do we help you create new neural networking for feeling good and safe, but we also use processes to help you break down the old neural programming from your past experiences and stressful belief systems that set your nervous system on edge in the first place! This, we have found to dramatically speed up results and create more profound results than other approaches. On top of all that, you will get an education in Dr. Karen Cureton’s medical expertise regarding her tried-and-true methods for testing for and treating physiological stressors that may be contributing to your symptoms as well to cover all the bases needed for you to get the BEST results! For those who are further along on their healing journey, we’ve got something for you too! In the latter modules, we teach you how to use neuroplasticity techniques to hone in on and then create what you want in your life including relationships, money, your dream career or retirement, new hobbies and habits, or anything else! We have guided brain training processes to help you release any resistance to taking aligned action to create your dreams! All of this you get to do within a community of other women like you who are on a journey to create health and a life they love! There's no reason to walk this journey alone!

We can’t wait to see you inside! Now is the best time to join us because we’re offering 33% off in celebration of the program launch!

Here’s the link

to read even more about the program, watch some testimonials, and join us! There no risk to try it out! If you're not satisfied with it in the first 14 days, you can get a full refund!

We hope that you will have a look around, and consider joining us in this revolutionary new program, combining all the most cutting-edge information and modalities with a supportive community, structure, and regular, live support.

Take care, and be gentle and kind to yourself,

Patti Norris (your Mind-Body Coach, and FasterEFT Practitioner!)

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